10 Best Outdoor Activities in Taiwan: Surfing, Camping, Hiking and More

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As a small island surrounded by oceans, Taiwan is gifted with a natural environment that allows people to enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities. Apart from the common options such as surfing, camping, and hiking, Taiwan also offers other exciting choices like kayaking, rafting, scuba diving and more. In this article, we have listed 10 best outdoor activities that can be greatly enjoyed in Taiwan and where to find them.

Surfing in Taiwan

Photo by Chang Hsien on Unsplash

Being richly endowed by nature, Taiwan is one of the hot new surfing destinations of the world. With waters that remain relatively warm throughout the year, Taiwan is fast gaining a name for itself as a great place to hit the waves. Last year in 2018, Taiwan Open of Surfing was held in Taitung, which attracted a lot of international competitors to participate.

⭐️Best places for surfing in Taiwan:

📍Waiao Beach, Yilan

📍Fulong Beach, New Taipei City

📍Donghe, Taitung

Camping in Taiwan

source: eng.taiwan.net

The best way to rest, relax, and sleep close to the earth is camping! According to the Taiwan Tourism Bureau, there are more than 1,700 campsites spread across the land, ranging from basic to the upscale, even national parks! October to April is the optimal time for camping, for the summers can be too hot and steamy to endure. If you are traveling with kids, this is a must-do in Taiwan!

⭐️Best places for camping in Taiwan:

📍Longmen Riverside Camping Resort, New Taipei City

📍Wuling Farm, Taichung

📍Ocean Chill, Hualien

Hiking in Taiwan

Photo by Yenpo Chen on Unsplash

Over 70% of the land in Taiwan are mountains, so don’t miss a good hike when you are visiting the island. Taiwan has all kinds of hiking trails to offer, whether it’s a short day trip near Taipei or an adventurous trek in Yushan, there’s something for all types of hiker. You can enjoy the nice view of Taipei City at Xiangshan, or explore the wild nature in Huang Di Dian, all base on your own preferences.

⭐️Best hiking trails in Taiwan:

📍Xiangshan, Taipei

📍Qingtaingang, Yangmingshan National Park, Taipei

📍Taroko National Park, Hualien

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Cycling in Taiwan

source: sportstoursinternational.co.uk

Taiwan is famous for exporting bikes to the entire world, but don’t assume we are not into cycling, actually, it’s on the contrary one of the favorite holiday activities for the locals! Taiwan is a cycling paradise which attracts both professional and amateur cyclists internationally. There are plenty of options including both challenging paths and casual bikeways. Anyway, cycling in Taiwan is without a doubt a lifetime experience for everyone.

⭐️Best cycling routes in Taiwan:

📍Dongshan River Bikeway, Yilan

📍Sun Moon Lake Bikeway, Nantou

📍Around the island!

Paragliding in Taiwan

source: udn.com

Paragliding is a popular outdoor activity on the east coast of Taiwan, you can find numerous launches near the sea coast. Imagine enjoying the great view of the mountains in Taiwan and the Pacific Ocean… Generally, if you are visiting Taipei, we highly recommend planning a short trip to Waiao Beach in Yilan, where you can enjoy surfing and paragliding in one day! How fun! Most importantly, be reminded to check the comments of the paragliding companies online in advance, and follow the safety instructions carefully, in order to have fun and stay safe!

⭐️Best places for paragliding in Taiwan:

📍Waiao, Yilan

📍Puli, Nantou

📍Luye, Taitung

Kayaking in Taiwan

source: taiwantoday.tw

Other than traditional water activities such as swimming and surfing, more and more people in Taiwan are now trying kayaking. You will be able to escape from the bustling city temporarily and enjoy the magnificent natural view of Taiwan from a different perspective through kayaking. There are multiple locations where kayaking is available, in lakes, in rivers, even in the oceans. Pick a destination and leave the city now!

⭐️Best places for kayaking in Taiwan:

📍Fenniaolin Fishing Harbor, Yilan

📍Ch’ing-Shui Cliff, Hualien

📍Liuqiu, Pingtung

River Trekking in Taiwan

source: taiwandiscovery.com.tw

Cannot stand the summer heat in Taiwan? Why not join a river trekking trip and enjoy the splash! Thanks to the unique natural environment, there are all kinds of landforms in Taiwan, such as waterfalls, canyons, deep pools, river terraces and meanders, which makes Taiwan a river trekking paradise.

⭐️Best places for river trekking in Taiwan:

📍Laomei River, New Taipei City

📍Sanjhan River, Hualien

📍Niujiowan River, Pingtong

Rafting in Taiwan

source: eng.taiwan.net.tw

Rafting is a popular water sport mainly in the eastern part of Taiwan, with Xiuguluan River the most famous among all. Xiuguluan River is the longest river in eastern Taiwan and has abundant water all year long, and it attracts a great number of excitement- and thrill-seeking rafters. There are many rafting day tours offered online, please check the comments of the company and the weather in advance as well for your own safety.

⭐️Best places for rafting in Taiwan:

📍Annong River, Yilan

📍Xiuguluan River, Hualien

📍Laonong River, Kaohsiung

Snorkeling in Taiwan

Photo by Ishan @seefromthesky on Unsplash

The colorful tropical fish and the abundant coral reefs make snorkeling a fun way to spend your free time in Taiwan. Many of the beaches and small islands offer snorkeling in water just a few feet deep. The great location ion the Pacific Ocean makes the waters around Taiwan relatively warm throughout the year! Head for the offshore islands if you would like to avoid the crowds.

⭐️Best places for snorkeling in Taiwan:

📍Longdong (Dragon Caves), New Taipei City

📍Green Island, Taitung

📍Liuqiu, Pingtong

Scuba Diving in Taiwan

source: discovertaitung.com

Diving in Taiwan is plentiful and easy. There is no shortage of dive spots around the main island of Taiwan as well as the surrounding islands like Orchid Island, Liuqiu, and Green Island. Getting your PADI certificate in Taiwan is a great option too, since the prices are relatively cheaper and the view under the surface is AMAZING!

⭐️Best places for scuba diving in Taiwan:

📍Chaojing Park, Keelung

📍Kenting, Pingtung

📍Orchid Island, Taitung

Are you ready for your adventure in Taiwan? Apart from the food, the night markets and the temples, let’s take a break from the bustling cities and enjoy the 10 best outdoor activities in Taiwan!

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