A Quick Guide to Jiufen in Taiwan: Jiufen Old Street, Teahouse, and the Real-life Spirited Away

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When it comes to “things to do in Taipei”, many of you may consider Taipei 101, night markets, Taiwanese street food, all that typical impressions of Taipei as the must-go spots. Actually, Jiufen is also one of the most popular attractions near Taipei. We will cover how to get to Jiufen from Taipei, things to do in Jiufen: the top attractions in Jiufen, all kinds of must-try local food, and why Jiufen is related to the anime “Spirited Away”. Let’s take an amazing Jiufen day trip!

History of Taiwan Jiufen

Photo by Clifford Yeo on Unsplash

Founded back in the Qing Dynasty, Jiufen was originally just a small and isolated village located in the northeast of Taipei. During the Japanese Occupation, in 1893, Jiufen experienced a quick development when the gold was discovered. Until today, even though gold-digging is no longer the local’s main profession, well-preserved buildings and the picturesque view make Jiufen one of the most popular tourist attraction near Taipei.

How to get to Jiufen from Taipei

Jiufen day trip is the classic one-day getaway from Taipei city center. Mainly there are 3 ways of getting to Jiufen from Taipei.

1. Metro+Bus

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📍Taipei MRT Zhongxiao Fuxing Station ➡︎ Bus No.1062

Getting out of Taipei Metro Zhongxiao Fuxing Station Exit No.2, turn right and keep walking, you will see the bus stop for Bus No.1062. This is the typical route people take to go to Jiufen by public transport. The bus fare is $101 NTD one-way, and it takes around 2 hours. Get off at “Jiufen Old St.” stop, and you will see the entrance of the old street next to a 7-11.

If you are traveling on a budget, this route is the best option for you to save money and experience local transportation at the same time. Plus it is very easy!

2. Train+Bus

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📍Taiwan Railway Ruifang Station ➡︎ Bus No.788/No.1062/No.825(weekend only)

The fare for taking the train from Taipei Main Station to Ruifang Station costs around $100 NTD round-trip, about 1hr ride one-way. And taking buses from Ruifang Station to Jiufen takes less than 30 minutes, the fare is only about $15 NTD.

This is another option for trying public transport, but taking trains in Taipei may be a little bit confusing and easy to get lost for the first-timers. Generally, we will recommend choosing option 1.

3. Metro/Train+Taxi

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📍Taipei MRT Zhongxiao Fuxing Station/Taiwan Railway Ruifang Station ➡︎ Taxi

This is the easiest and the quickest way to get to Jiufen from Taipei city center! Arriving at Taipei MRT Zhongxiao Fuxing Station and hop on a taxi, the fare to Jiufen is around $1000 NTD. If you are traveling as a group of 4, this will be a great option. You can share the fee together and get to Jiufen within 1.5hr comfortably. Moreover, If you are getting a taxi at Ruifang Station, which is even closer to Jiufen, you will be able to arrive at the old street within 50 minutes.

Attractions in Jiufen✨

Jiufen Old Street

Looking at the houses and building in Jiufen, it’s quite easy to see how strongly this town was influenced by Japanese culture and architecture.

A visit to Jiufen Old Street is going to be full of delights. There endless stores selling all kinds of traditional Taiwanese food. Such as taro balls, Glutinous Rice Cake, Taiwanese sausage, Mochi… you name it! Go to Jiufen for all that tastes of love, you won’t be disappointed.

Jiufen Teahouse

Photo by Vicky Ng on Unsplash

There are multiple teahouses in Jiufen, A Mei Teahouse is the most popular and famous one. You can have a carefree afternoon brewing tea in the teahouses while enjoying the picturesque scene of Jiufen Township.

Jiufen Shengping Theater

source: TripAdvisor

Shengping Theater in Jiufen is said to be the first theater in the area of Taipei, and it’s also the biggest theater in Taiwan during the Japanese Occupation in the early 20th century. Because of its unique architectural design, many movies were shot here, even after the theater was shut down in 1986.

Jiufen: The Real-life Spirited Away

source: chinatimes

Have you watched the film “Spirited Away” by Hayao Miyazaki? The famous film is said to be inspired by Jiufen, this small village located in the northeast of Taipei. Although Miyazaki himself has clarified that it’s just a coincidence, that he did not create the scene base on the view of Jiufen, we cannot deny that Jiufen actually looks similar to some scenes in the film!

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