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Taipei is known for its well-designed MRT system. In fact, Taipei MRT is ranked one of the best mass transit systems in the world. It is fast, convenient, and most important of all, clean! You could barely find any garbage in Taipei subways.

However, one of the biggest hassles for tourists is to buy the right ticket. If you are looking something for Taiwan transportation, Easycard would be the best option as it could be your Taiwan tourist map. You could transit from MRT system to Railway system without having the trouble of getting out of one station to another since all the systems are interconnected. As for your transportation in Taipei, we would recommend Easycard as your Taipei metro pass most because you could explore the entire city with simply one card!

What is Easycard?

Source: Easycard

The Taiwan Easycard allows passengers to ride both Metros and buses conveniently by simply passing the card over the EasyCard sensor area. It is an essential for every Taipei citizens. Moreover, with an Easycard, you can rent the public transit vehicle called Youbike, which is another interesting way to explore Taipei city. Youbike stations are usually located around Taipei stations, making it pretty easy to spot. 

It is not only a Taiwan transportation card, but also a digital wallet which allows you to buy things at designated retail stores such as 7-11, Family Mart, and other convenience stores. 

Why Taiwan Easycard can be your Taiwan Tourist Map:

Taipei Bus
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With an Easycard, Taipei transportation can be as easy as pie. In fact, Taipei metro stations are similar to a Taipei tourist map but in a rather simple way since all stations are located nearby popular tourist attractions. For example, Ximen station which is close to Ximending, Sun Yet-Sen Memorial Hall station which is nearby National Sun Yet-Sen Memorial Hall, and Taipei 101/World Trade Center station which is right beside Taipei 101, and so on. In conclusion, getting an Easycard is the best way to explore Taiwan!

Can I use my Easycard in Taipei Subway, Taipei Train, and Taipei Railway?

Scope of EasyCard Use:


MRT, Buses, Parking lots, Taiwan Railway, Taiwan High Speed Rail, Taxi, Ferry, Public bicycles, etc.

Convenience Stores and Shops

Convenient stores, Supermarkets, Hypermarkets, Gift stores, etc.


Bookstores, Cosmeceutical shops, Shop stationary stores, Apparel stores, Logistics, etc.

Food and beverage

Beverages, Café, Restaurants, Bakery, Fast food restaurants, etc.

Easycard is the same as a Taipei guide who are able to take you to nearly anywhere you want. I would suggest every tourist to get it for their Taipei transportation. Believe me, you’ll be amazed at how powerful this card is!

Visit Easycard website for more information!

Where can I get an Easycard? Can I find it at every Taipei Stations?

Taipei MRT
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You can buy your Easycard at any Taipei MRT stations or convenience stores. Please note that cards are issued without balance. Remember to top up your card before you start your Taipei Travel.

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