Hokkaido Travel Guide

Hokkaido Travel Guide: Getting Around in Sapporo, Otaru, and Hakodate

Japan Travel Guide

Hokkaido is the northernmost Japan Primary District. Compared to Kanto and Kansai area, Hokkaido has its own unique northern scenery. Hokkaido is a popular tourist destination in winter due to its magnificent landscape. Hokkaido is mainly divided into 4 areas: Southern Area, Central Area, Northern Area, and Eastern Area.

Sapporo, the biggest city in Hokkaido locates in the central area of Hokkaido. Sapporo is not only the political and economic center of Hokkaido, but also an outstanding travel destination full of all kinds of tourism resources, such as natural attractions, good food, and endless shopping malls! You can arrive at most of the tourist spots by public transport such as subway, bus, and tram, so it’s indeed a very tourist-friendly city.

Japan Visa

source: Wikipedia

Nationals and citizens of those countries and regions shown above are not required to obtain visas to enter Japan when their visits are tourism, commerce, conferences, visiting relatives/ acquaintances, etc.

For detailed information, please visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.

Electric Sockets and Voltage in Japan

Japan electric plug
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The voltage in Japan is 100 Volt, which is different from North America (120V), Central Europe (230V) and most other regions of the world. And Japanese electrical plugs and outlets resemble North American ones.

High and Low Seasons for Traveling to Hokkaido

The hight season for traveling to Hokkaido are the cherry blossom season in April, the maple leaf season in September and October, and the wintry seasons during December to February. Comparing to the peak seasons, March (before cherry blossom season starts) and November (before Christmas Holiday) is the time of the year when the plane tickets to Hokkaido are cheaper than usual.

The Climate of Hokkaido 🌤

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The average temperature in Hokkaido is quite low, not exceeding 26°C even in summer. Remember to bring a jacket with you when traveling to Hokkaido!

International Airports in Hokkaido ✈️

The international airports in Hokkaido are New Chitose Airport (CTS), Hakodate Airport (HKD), and Asahikawa Airport (AKJ). New Chitose Airport is the busiest airport among all, and it’s also the one locates closest to downtown Sapporo (only 40 minutes from Sapporo by JR or bus).

📍Attractions in Central Area: Sapporo, Otaru, Lake Toya, and Noboribetsu

Transportation in Downtown Sapporo

source: Sapporo Station

We will suggest you get around in downtown Sapporo by subway, it’s just as convenient as Tokyo Metro! There are 3 main subway routes in Sapporo: Tozai Line, Namboku Line, and Toho Line. Their mutual crossing point is the Sapporo Odori Station. The fare is around ¥200~¥370 (JPY), depending on your travel distance. If you are mainly exploring the city center by the municipal subway, we highly recommend the one-day ticket.

source: Sapporo Station

📍Attractions in Southern Area: Hakodate, Onuma Quasi-National Park

Getting Around in Hakodate

Hakodate is the primary tourist center in the southern area of Hokkaido. The precious tram was preserved from 1897, and it is very convenient to get around in Hakodate either by train or by bus.

⭐️ Trams:

source: hakodate.travel

➤ One-way tickets: ¥210-¥250 (Adults)/ ¥110-¥130 (Kids)

➤ Routes: Redline (No.2) and Blueline (No.5), please refer to the picture above

➤ Timetable: Timetable for Redline/ Timetable for Blueline

➤ One-day Pass: ¥600. Tickets can be purchased at the Tourist Information Center located inside Hakodate Station, hotel front desks, as well as directly from the tram driver.

source: hakodate.travel

👉Find out more information at hakodate.travel

⭐️ Buses

source: hakodate.travel

➤ One-way tickets: ¥210-¥250 (Adults)/ ¥110-¥130 (Kids)

➤ Bus Routes:Downtown Area / Rural Area

➤ Timetable:Hakodate Bus Timetable

➤ One-day Bus Pass: Tickets can be purchased at the Tourist Information Center inside Hakodate Station, Hakodate Airport and the Bus stations.

⭐️ Bus & Tram Day Pass

➤ 1-day Pass: ¥1000 for adults/ ¥500 for children

➤ 2-day Pass: 1700¥ for adults/ ¥850 for children

📍Eastern Area & Northern Area

Going to the other areas in Hokkaido, such as eastern and northern parts of the district, we suggest renting a car for a road trip, taking high-speed buses or JR. JR provides some special offer for the foreign tourists: Hokkaido Rail Pass, which you can take all the JR Hokkaido route (except the Hokkaido Shinkansen) using the pass.

source: jrhokkaido

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