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Taipei is known as a food-obsessed city, you got endless choices for what to eat in Taipei that you can never finish them all. And it is a must-do to eat your way through a night market if you are visiting Taipei soon! Here we have come up with a list of 10 iconic and special Taiwanese street food to dig in that you can find in Shilin Night Market, Raohe Night Market, and Ningxia Night Market, which are the best night markets in Taipei! Taiwan bubble tea, fried chicken, stinky tofu, pork liver, and taro balls… Are you drooling over the floor just thinking about the dishes? At least I did.

In addition, for you to have the best experience in Taipei night markets, basic information, directions, opening hours, prices and comments of the night markets will be included in the article as well.

Shilin Night Market

source: taiwan tourism bureau

Known as the biggest night market in Taipei, Shilin Night Market is definitely one of the most popular attractions for tourists from around the world. People come here mostly for shopping and enjoying the delicious street food. We have listed 3 must-try items in Shilin Night Market for you: Fried Chicken, Flaky Scallion Pancakes and Pork Ribs.

➤ Directions: Taipei MRT Jiantan Station Exit 1

➤ Opening Hours: 4:30pm – 12:00am

➤ More information 👉Travel Taipei

Taiwan Bubble Tea

source: sportsplanetmag

Everybody must be familiar with this typical drink from Taiwan. Bubble Tea, also known as Pearl Milk Tea is the most popular drink in Taiwan, and now it is taking the world by storm. Combining milk tea with tapioca balls, Bubble Tea is the No.1 thing you cannot miss out in Taiwan.

There are hundreds of Bubble Tea shops in Taipei, all with unique flavors and styles. The average price for a cup a Bubble Tea is around $40-$60 NTD ($1.25-$2 USD), it’s absolutely cheap comparing to other places in the world. Get yourself a cup of Bubble Tea during your visit to the Taipei night markets, I promise, you won’t be disappointed.

Hot-Star Large Fried Chicken

source: taiwan tourism bureau

Hot-Star Large Fried Chicken is an iconic brand for fried chicken fillet in Taipei. The fast-food chain owns branches all over the world, and they claim that every fried chicken is “bigger than your face”, which is about 30cm in width, and it only costs $70 NTD (about $2.25 USD), what a bargain! Visit Shilin Night Market during your next trip to Taipei and try the outstandingly crunchy texture yourself!

Flaky Scallion Pancakes


Usually, flaky scallion pancakes are served with some optional toppings such as basil, ham, bacon, cabbage or cheese. You can find a lot of stands selling flaky scallion pancake since it is such an iconic Taiwanese street food. “郭家蔥油餅” is a popular shop selling flaky scallion pancakes located inside Shilin Night Market. Find more information on TripAdvisor.

Oyster Vermicelli

source: quansss

Oyster Vermicelli is a kind of soup with thickened, smooth and slimy texture. The dish usually comes with oysters and intestines, garnished with cilantro on top. The famous stand selling Oyster Vermicelli in Shilin Night Market is called “阿輝麵線”, try to order your Oyster Vermicelli in Taiwanese because it is the local way!

Raohe Night Market

Raohe Night Market
source: taiwan tourism bureau

As the second tourist night market being established in Taipei, Raohe Night Market has more than 100 street food vendors, which covers various kinds of booths for general merchandises, accessories and yummy snacks, all at low and affordable prices.

➤ Directions: Taipei MRT Songshan Station Exit 1

➤ Opening Hours: 5:00pm – 12:00am

➤ More information 👉Travel Taipei

Pepper Meat Buns


Pepper meat bun is a typical Fuzhou traditional snack. In Taiwan, the pork filling has a good black pepper taste, the meat is tender, and the outside bread shell is crispy yet chewy. “福州世祖胡椒餅” is the most popular stand selling Pepper Meat Buns, find more information on TripAdvisor.

Stinky Tofu

source: Wikipedia

This is the world’s best love-it-or-hate-it snack and Taiwan does it just right. The “fragrant” cube of bean curd is deep-fried and draped with sweet and spicy sauce. What’s the fun in eating that? Inhale deeply and relish the stench, the smellier, the better. “下港明彭臭豆腐” in Raohe Night Market is highly recommended for trying stinky tofu. Find out more information on TripAdvisor.

Ribs stewed with medicinal herbs


This is an iconic dish of night markets in Taiwan. Pork ribs are put inside a pot along with numerous kinds of medicinal herbs, stewed for 5-6 hours in order to make sure that the fragrant comes out perfectly. It’s an extremely popular dish especially in the winter because the medicinal soup will keep the bodies warm. It is definitely a must-try traditional Chinese cuisine at night markets! Find out more information on TripAdvisor.

Ningxia Night Market

source: travel taipei

Located by the Datong District traffic circle, this night market offers a nostalgic retreat to the Taipei of earlier years. The snack stalls and other shops here are known for their friendly service, making this a popular spot for eating and shopping.

Known as the most “environmental-friendly” night market in Taiwan, Ningxia Night Market strives to save our mother earth by banning all disposable utensils. And here are 3 must-eat Taiwanese street food at Ningxia Night Market, and all of them are in Michelin Guide 2019!

➤ Directions: Taipei MRT Zhongshan Station Exit 1 (10 minutes walk)

Taipei MRT Shuanglian Station Exit 1 (8 minutes walk)

➤ Opening Hours: 5:30pm – 12:00am

➤ More information: Travel Taipei

Pork Liver


“Rong’s Pork Liver” in Ningxia Night Market only provides 4 items: Pork Tripe Soup, Pork Liver Soup, Rice Dumpling, and Pork Liver & Tripe Soup. All items cost no more than $65 NTD (about $2 USD). Rong’s Pork Liver has a history of 60 years, and it’s also extremely popular among the neighborhood.

Rong’s Pork Liver was listed in Michelin Guide 2018 and 2019. If you are visiting Ningxia Night Market during your trip to Taipei, don’t miss it!

Taro Balls


With a history of more than 40 years, “Liu Yu Zi” is also one of the most popular shops in Ningxia Night Market. “Plain taro balls boast creamy mashed taro; those with salted egg yolk and pork floss have extra flavor.” – Michelin Guide. Make sure you try this special Taiwanese street food when you are coming to Taipei!

Oyster Omelette


“Yuan Huan Pien Oyster Egg Omelette” has been making tasty oyster omelets since 1965. The oysters are delivered straight from Tainan every day, so the freshness and the quality of the ingredients are guaranteed. Just look at the picture of the oyster omelet…my mouth is already watering! Check out Michelin Guide for more information.

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