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Tax-Free Shopping in Japan: A Japan Travel Guide to Get Your Tax-Refund during Japan Travel

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There are tons of must-buy items in Japan, such as electronics, clothings, cosmetics, snacks, etc. For most first-time visitors, you’ll definitely feel overwhelmed by all kinds of cutting-edge electronic gadgets, trendy clothings, and various kinds of Japan cosmetic products when you visit Japan. To make the most of your Japan travel and shopping experience, we’ve organized everything you’ll need to know about Japan’s tax-free program. You won’t have to arrive Haneda airport or Narita airport in advance for tax refund. Tax-exemption in Japan can be simple.

Tax-free in Japan basically applies to all items, from general items such as home appliances, accessories, and shoes, to consumable items such as alcohol, food, cosmetics, tobacco, and medicines. However, you only get tax-free in Japan under certain conditions. Let’s check them out below.

General vs. Consumable Chart
Source: Japan Tax-free Shop

Goods available for Tax-free Shopping when you visit Japan:

General items and Consumable items are available for Tax-free shopping in Japan. You’ll have to consume 5000 yen or more in combination for tax refund. You might start to think about what is the difference among general items, consumable items and their tax-refund regulations. Here, we’ve list out the comparison between the two:

We know you might still feel a bit confused. So here’s an example:

Source: Japan Tax-free Shop

**Please note that whether or not general items and consumable items can be combined for a tax refund depends on the store.**

Japan Tax Exemption Procedure

How to Get Tax Refund during your Japan Travel?

1.You get tax-free products directly from the store (Normally at pharmacies.)

2.You pay for your items with tax, then keep the receipt for tax refund in Japan at the tax-free counter. (Normally at department stores or electronic retailer.)

Tax Refund Procedure

1.Look for the sign shown below.

Source: Japan Tax-free Shop

2.Bring your own passport and purchased items for the tax refund procedure.

Source: Japan Tax-free Shop

3.Sign the “Covenant of Purchaser.”

Source: Japan Tax-free Shop

4.Go through the proper procedures at the airport.

Source: Japan Tax-free Shop

When you leave Japan, submit the items you purchased along with the Record of Purchase that is affixed to your passport to customs.

⚠️Please note that you must have an entry stamp to be eligible for tax exemption. If you use the automatic gates, make sure to get an entry stamp from a nearby immigration officer.

⚠️If you left your passport at the hotel, you are not able to apply for tax exemption the next day. Tax exemption procedures must be done at the time of purchase at the location where you purchased your products, so please remember to carry your passport with you wherever you go.

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